Common Printer Issues with Solutions

If you want to save money on hiring a technician or purchasing a new printer, ordering discount copier supplies and repairing your printer yourself is a great option for you. You can get your discount copier supplies from Copier Supply Store to solve common printer issues simultaneously.

Once you order your discount copier supplies, check out the manufacturers manual or do a YouTube search to find a step by step instructional and other crucial information related to replacing printer parts.

Here are a few tips to consider when fixing common printer issues:

Is Your Printer Running Slow?

Reduce the print quality for constant, every day printing. This will not only increase the speed of your printer but will also save you money on purchasing toner. Reducing the print quality is a simple way to deal with one of the most common printer issues.

Which Printers Parts Fail Most Often?

Fuser – The fuser is the mechanism that melts the toner to the paper. It is the most important, most used, and most often broken printer part. Shop for a new fuser and order now to save time in the future because fusers are almost always likely to break.

Guides and Rollers – These are the drums that guide paper in from the paper tray, through to the fuser, and into the output tray. If you are using your printer to print on more than 100 pages per day, you will be replacing this printer part frequently.

Gears – These moving mechanisms in the printer will fail. Gears are extremely specific to each individual printer, so be sure to order the correct product. Shop for printer parts by brand at Copier Supply Store.

Are the Pages are Faded?

Complaints of pages being faded is another one of the most common printer issues. Usually, the mechanism is fine and it is the toner to blame. Be sure to buy discount toner from reputable companies. Save even more money when buying in bulk. Be sure to check out the discount copier supplies at Copier Supply Store today!

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