Why Millennials Appreciate a Printed Product

In a digital age, why is it that millennials love a printed product so much?

2017 is the year of smartphones, too many apps to count, laptops, iPads, computers, and living with the world at your fingertips. Those born between the 1980s and 2000s make up a majority of the population, and have been programmed to live their lives digitally. Anything you want to see, know, order, or sell can be implemented in seconds through technology.

So why is it that the same group that has grown up with so much technology around them appreciate printed products that much more?

Maybe it is because those raised between the 1980s – 2000s have lived their lives in front of computers. Today, an actual printed product like an invitation, flyer, or letter is not as common, so when millennials receive one they genuinely appreciate it. Millennials’ phones are bombarded with online emails, coupons, invitations, friend requests, and articles day and night. Consider this: a millennial has five digital inboxes, but only one physical mailbox. A study conducted by InfoTrends reveals that millennials are the most likely of all generations to open direct mail and look through it. A millennial receives hundreds of email invitations or promotions a day, in which they ignore. Rarely do they receive a physical invitation, letter, or a coupon.

If you are looking for a better way to engage with the millennial generation, print is the way to go. Using printer and copier supplies to create physical advertisements can grab the attention of your technologically bombarded audience and encourage a real purchase. For those sending invitations, a physical initiation is much more meaningful, especially to a millennial. Copier Supply Store is the number one source for all your printing and copier supplies and parts.

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