How to Properly Store a Printer Long Term

For whatever reason, it may be necessary from time to time to store your printer for an extended period of time. However, many printer owners are not aware that there is a proper way to store their printers, so that once it is removed from storage it has a better chance of functioning properly, limiting the need for replacement printer parts. Keep in mind that when a printer is stored for an extensive period of time the print heads can become clogged beyond repair and will need to be replaced with spare print heads.

Copier Supply Store wants to prevent you from having to completely replace your printer, by offering a few simple steps that you should take before storing your printer long term.

Step One. Make sure to leave all of the cartridges in the printer and turn the printer off by using the power button. By leaving the cartridges inside of the printer and properly shutting the printer down, you will reduce the risk of the print heads clogging or leaking. The printer will bring the print heads into a sealed position that is designed to protect them from drying out.

Step Two. After you have double checked that the printer has been shut down properly, unplug any power or USB cords. Wind the cords up and secure with a zip tie to avoid unnecessary tangling.

Step Three. Take any paper out of the printer’s paper tray.

Step Four. Use a gentle and low adhesive, masking or painters tape, to secure maintenance doors or removable panels.

Step Five. Copier Supply Store recommends that you place the printer inside of a plastic bag, either the original packaging if available, or a trash bag. The plastic will offer protection from most water damage.

Step Six. Store the printer inside of a box, the one it came in if possible, and with protective foam packaging. Seal the box with duct tape and label which side is up and that the package is fragile.

Step Seven. Store your printer in a cool dry place.

By taking all of the necessary precautions before storing your printer, Copier Supply Store is certain that it will remain intact for when you take it out of storage, just make sure that the storage facility is not humid and has good conditions for storing your printer in the first place.

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