Generic Inks Could Save You Hundreds!

If you are a Tylenol user, sometimes it doesn’t matter if the pharmacy’s generic substitute carries all of the same ingredients, it’s not ‘Tylenol’. If you are a firm believer in using brand names only, then switching to generic ink cartridges or compatible toners may not be the route that you are looking for. But, if you are like the majority of business owners trying to save money, then third-party inks may be a life saver.

Similar to branded ink cartridges or toners, generic printer supplies offer printer owners an alternative to expensive printer costs. Third-party inks and toners are compatible with specific printers, at a considerably lower cost than the printer replacement inks provided by the manufacturers.

Before purchasing generic printer replacement parts or maintenance supplies such as ink replacement, research the company selling the supplies and read reviews. Some third-party parts/inks are lower quality than others, which could cause you to pay less in price, but more with the headaches that accompany the products.

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