Preparing a Printer for Safe Disposal

Copier Supply Store knows that printers are common computer accessories and the majority of people who own a desktop own a corresponding printer. Like all accessories, they will begin to experience performance loss and additional problems over the course of time. Whether you decide you want to upgrade your printer to a newer model, or the printer is older and no longer works despite purchasing replacement printer parts, you should never just throw a printer in the trash once it is no longer needed. Online suppliers of discount printer accessories highly suggest the proper disposal of computer accessories to help the environment, as well as help out a good cause.


Before you dispose of your printer and the discount printer accessories that go with it, make sure that any SD cards, memory, or any other add-ons have been removed from the printer. Next, remove printer cartridges, disconnect USB and other connecting cables like the power cord. You can recycle or donate the printer’s cartridges, USB, and power cords.


Once you have prepared your printer and discount printer accessories for disposal, they should be taken to a center that specializes in the recycling and disposal of electronic waste. The centers the printers that they accept, disassemble them, and cleans the part to remove any ink or corrosion that may have accumulated. All of the recyclable plastics, metals, and other materials will be removed for proper recycling.

Buy Back Programs.

Some printer manufacturers offer a buyback or recycling program that will eliminate the need for you to locate a recycling facility yourself. The buyback programs typically require you to visit the manufacturer’s website to receive a quote and then print a shipping label. While you will be responsible for packaging and shipping out the printer and discount printer accessories, the manufacturer will typically cover the cost of shipping. You will be paid for the printer once it has been received and the condition is inspected by the manufacturer.

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