Office Essentials: Why an All-in-One Printer is the Way to Go

Shopping for a printer can become overwhelming with the brands, choices, features, and price range. Ultimately, you should assess your ‘printing needs’ to help determine which printer is best for you.

Most printer manufacturers offer printers that have multiple functions, compared to a standard printer that only prints – these units are called “all-inclusive” or “all-in-one” printers.

All-in-One printers have five main advantages to their multifunction capabilities:

  1. Save the headache. An All-in-One printer offers you all of the features of a printer, with the convenience of other necessary office devices; such as: copiers, scanners, and fax machines.
  2. Save the space. One of the greatest advantages of an All-in-One printer is the space that this one device will save. In a large corporation, space is not of importance, but in a home office where space is limited, having one device that is capable of performing multiple functions, rather than having a printer, fax machine, and copier, is much more time and space efficient.
  3. Save the money. Although the initial cost of an All-in-One printer is more than that of a standard printer, the cost over time of having one device with multiple functions, will save you money. Also, you only have to pay for the cost of maintenance for one device, as opposed to four – not to mention that Copier Supply Store offers genuine and generic printer toners, ink cartridges, and printer supplies for the lowest cost guaranteed.
  4. Save the energy. All-in-One printers require only one power cable, which means a reduction in electricity and in cable congestion.

With all of the advantages an All-in-One printer can provide, it’s no wonder purchasing a multifunction device is the best choice for you.

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