Patriotic Printables for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than just a long holiday weekend, it is a time to recognize those who have served our great country.

If you are planning on throwing a Memorial Day Party, the ‘Red, White & Blue’ theme is a must. Here are some ideas of must-have items for Memorial Day.

  1. Flagship Foods. Food is an opportunity to show off your creativity, while pleasing your guests with a great treat. Take ordinary items and garnish them with blueberries and strawberries. Transform an ordinary white cake with red and blue food color for an honorable effect. Dip ice cream sandwiches in red, white, and blue sprinkles to show off your celebration.
  2. Patriotic Printables. Low on Memorial Day décor? Let your Brother Inkjet Printer help the cause! There are links to free Memorial Day printables online; such as: “God Bless America… Land of the Free” or “Stars and Stripes Forever”.
  3. USA Utensils. Everything at a party has the opportunity to be converted into décor; try spray painting old soup cans or empty flower vases. Candles are a great way to integrate color and add low light for night parties. Don’t forget colorful plates, napkins and cups to really kick off the celebration.

If you are looking for additional ways to show off your Memorial Day cook-out, print Independence Day printables using your home Brother Inkjet Printer. Printing party favors such as: stickers, cake toppers, Memorial Day party invitations, and other patriotic décor – is rather inexpensive when considering the cost of inkjet cartridge replacements versus Party City.

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