5 Fun Facts About Printers

It’s fun facts time at the Copier Supply Store blog! Printers are everywhere and we use them daily. So let’s learn a little something about these magical copy machines with the following 5 fun facts about printers below.

- Gallons and Gallons – A gallon of printer ink will cost you roughly $4,700. Although you might not need that much. Check out the Copier Supply Store website for some more economical amounts of printer ink!

- JK Rowling and Harry Printer? – The largest single print run occurred in the initial printing of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. 12 million copies were printed consecutively. That’s a lot of printer parts we can guarantee that!

- Gutenberg – A list of 5 fun facts about printers wouldn’t be complete without Gutenberg. Heralded as the first mass printing machine ever created, the Gutenberg press changed the world forever. That was in 1440. Imagine what the innovator would say if he saw a 3D printer?

- Laser Sucks? – The first laser printer was invented in 1938 by Chester Carlson – and everyone hated it. Printers weren’t embraced until Xerox came along and partnered with Carlson to take the US by storm. Copier Supply Store printer parts and ink cartridges are a testament to this change in mindset. Printers for everyone!

- Hot Stuff – Fusers on laser printers can get up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s what melts the toner onto the paper. It’s also the same temperature needed to make a tasty key lime pie.

For all your printer parts and ink cartridge needs, head over to Copier Supply Store and stock up. Happy printing!

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