When to Choose Print Over Digital

It seems like everything is going digital; well almost everything. Before you throw out those discount toner cartridges, take a minute to remember that eight years ago, people were saying that print was dead. Bookstores were closing all over the world and tech gurus and media moguls prophesized that soon we would never pick up a printed book ever again. Of course, that didn’t happen. Print, the world’s oldest mass medium, lives on!

What keeps print alive to this day is that it still accomplishes things that digital just can’t, oftentimes for a lesser cost. When it comes time to choose print over digital, the printing experts at Copier Supply Store say that one of the top determining factors is cost; with discount printer parts so easily at hand, print can be more cost effective than digital, even if digital is more mainstream.

Take a few instances when you should choose print over digital:

Print is Different - Most of us spend almost all day in front of a screen of some type; mobile devices, computers at work, TV at home.  The fact is that digital is new and fresh – so how can print compete? Believe it or not, people still like to keep things a little old fashioned in terms of magazines and the action of flipping through pages. Print also doesn’t strain the eyes as much as digital screens do.  Depending on your industry, print might be the best way to revitalize your media campaign, and you can find many cost effective printing options, and discount printing supplies online in order to help cut costs.

Print is Cheaper – Don’t be fooled into thinking digital is cheaper. Digital marketing campaigns are getting more and more expensive as the demand increases. There are few ways to cuts costs unlike with print. Discount toner cartridges, discount printer supplies, and inexpensive printers in general mean that you can save money when choosing print over digital copies where costs can’t typically be negotiated.

Print Has More Credibility – People still put more weight on print media over digital. It’s easier to create a website than to print thousands of items for your media campaign. It might be cheaper to create a website, especially if you aren’t finding the right places to get discount printer parts, but in the long run, your brand will have more credibility when you choose print over digital. People still like to see print ads in magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc.

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