Go Green! By Recycling Your Sharp Toner

Recycling is a way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, by conserving our natural resources. Pollution contributes to global warming because it increases carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions, and the substantial increase of carbon dioxide in the air effects our atmosphere and how it functions.

Many of us do not think “recycle” when we think of our printing supplies, but do you know that Sharp toner can be recycled? Sharp electronics has created a recycling effort as part of their commitment to the environment, called: “Stop. Drop. Recycle”.

The ‘Stop, Drop, Recycle’ effort allows customers to recycle Sharp ink cartridges, Sharp toners, Sharp drum units, and Sharp printer bottles.

The benefits of recycling your sharp toner are:

  1. It’s Free. Sharp provides all of the mailing supplies required to recycle your Sharp toner and/or Sharp printing supplies. You can order a bulk recycling kit online here; which includes 3 pre-addressed, pre-paid Sharp cartridge collection boxes. If you do not use Sharp toners in bulk, you can recycle your used Sharp printing supplies at participating Sharp dealers.
  2. Go Green. You can reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your Sharp printing products and shipping in bulk. All recycled Sharp printing supplies are 100% recycled, with zero waste to landfills.

Help sustain the environment for future generations by recycling your Sharp toner cartridge.

“Our Earth is not disposable, toner cartridges shouldn’t be either” – Sharp Electronics

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