A Guide to Printer Maintenance

The team at Copier Supply Store knows that your printer is an investment in your business and personal needs, so you will want to prolong the life of your device as long as you can. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can make printing devices difficult to use, and can result in unnecessary replacements. We provide you with top quality printers and printing products, but it is essential that you maintain your devices for optimal use. Here are a few tips for printer maintenance: 3

Unplug Before Maintenance

For your safety, Copier Supply Store recommends you turn off the power to your printer and allow it to cool down before you begin maintenance. This is will prevent any harm to the device and to you.

Cleaning the Outside

It is okay to clean the outside of your printer with a moist cloth. A liquid solution is not necessary; however, if you prefer to use one, we recommend mixing one part vinegar with one part water. Do not spray the solution directly onto your printer. Instead, spray it onto a cloth and use sparingly to minimize residues.

Cleaning Printer Heads

If your cartridges are full, you may be confused to find your documents printing with missing lines or low print quality. Your printer is not broken, but your printer heads are clogged. Copier Supply Store says this can be fixed by removing the cartridges and adding a dab of hot water or alcohol onto a cloth, cleaning the printer head to loosen dried ink. Once you have done this, run the printers programmed cleaning setting and let the printer sit overnight. Additional tip: print a page every few weeks and keep your printer off when it is not being used to keep the printer heads from clogging.

Copier Supply store offers maintenance kits and cleaning brushes for your printer maintenance.

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