How to Run a Successful Print Campaign

Stock up on those discount toner cartridges because print campaigns are coming back! There are a few differences between print and digital media campaigns, so here are a few tips from Copier Supply Store to ensure that your print campaign is successful!

Mailing List – A lot of your print campaign’s success is dependent on reaching the correct audience. This is one aspect where digital can be better than print campaigns, but your print campaign can simply use images and text that entice a specific audience, demographic, age group, and crowd.  The pay-per-click model means that advertisers only pay for clicks and not for the thousands of other people who just scroll by. So, if you want your print campaign to be successful, focus heavily on your mailing list. One mistake that businesses or individuals make with their first print campaign is not targeting areas where existing clients reside, and target too many people as well. Follow the success of digital remarketing and mail to the loyal customers too!

Cluttered Design – Less is more. If you think that’s a tired, old cliché then you are sadly mistaken when it comes to a successful print campaign. Over media saturation is a real issue and simple, modern, clean design is best practice regardless of whether you are running a print campaign or digital campaign. Don’t over-stuff the print with logos, send the message with a little bit of information and the call-to-action.

Call-to-Action – Call-to-actions are different in print media than they are in digital. Digital campaigns have the advantage of selling to the customer right then, with a few simple clicks. They can also display lots of offers. Unless you have mountains of money to spend on discount toner cartridges, you’ll be mentioning only a few offers at once. Make sure your call-to-action is effective! Coupons are a good option, but it will benefit you to make the coupons out of a sturdy paper; you want them to survive in the wallets and purses of your customers.

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