The Difference between Inkjet vs. LaserJet Printers

Most people do not know the general differences between an Inkjet and LaserJet printer. While they ultimately perform the same function, they vary in features and overall functionality.

Inkjet Printers are the most commonly owned and purchased printer on the market. They are low cost with prices starting at $30 and tend to be smaller in size. These printers are good for students in dorm rooms with limited space and budget, or for small home offices. If you are looking for a low cost printer that will complete basic printing needs, this is your best option.

On the other hand, LaserJet Printers are higher in cost, with a standard price tag of $100 or more. Although they are more expensive they are very efficient in printing. LaserJet printers use toner cartridges compared to ink cartridges. Toners may be more expensive up front, but they last longer, print more efficiently, and cost less per page when printing. LaserJet printers are ideally for someone who is constantly printing large documents and needs them printed quickly.

Both printers have pros and cons associated with them so it is important to do your research and identify what your printing needs are in order to make best decision. If your decision comes down to which printer will cost the least, the Inkjet printer should be your choice.  If cost is not an issue and you are looking for a long-term printer with high-quality printing, the LaserJet toner cartridges is the right choice for you.

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