How to Store Your Toner Correctly

Most offices buy office supplies in bulk in order to get the best pricing, and that includes discount toners and printer cartridges. However, the inevitable issue arises when you have a lot of toner and you may not be storing it properly. Believe it or not, improper toner storage methods can ruin your printer toner.

Toner storage is not necessarily an art form by any means, but storing toner incorrectly can be needlessly costly. Copier Supply Store has been selling discount toner and discount printer cartridges for decades, and when customers ask us how to store toner, we give them these three tips:

Avoid Humidity

Moisture of any kind is going to destroy your printer toner. Toner and printer cartridges usually come in sealed containers that are vacuumed to remove all air and eliminate humidity; but regardless, moisture will find a way to damage the insides of the toner eventually, if you do not store your printer toner properly.

Avoid Climate Extremes

If you live in Miami, Florida or North Dakota, avoid toner storage areas that are not indoors. In fact, if it does not have climate control, do not store printer toner there. When looking for toner storage space, ensure that the temperature is never above 95 degrees or below 50.

Keep Toner in Original Packaging

Toner should be kept in its original packaging, box and bag, all properly sealed. That is the best way to maximize the life of your printer toner. The packaging is designed to last, so removing it or placing the toner in your own packaging will only compromise the integrity of the toner itself.

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