Never Go Back To School Shopping Again with 3D Printing!

Since we are nearing back-to-school shopping season and everyone and their mothers are cringing at the thought of crowded shops and unnecessary purchases in order to keep their child content and confident about going into the new school year, Copier Supply Store is letting you in on an awesome secret that involved back-to-school shopping and 3D printing.

3D-Printed back to school items!

Just imagine it: no more crowds, no more scavenger hunts through the mall for obnoxious items on your child’s back to school list; instead, relax at home while your 3D printer does all the work.

It is unreal what has been created by 3D printers, but they are being underutilized. Let your imagination soar and take advantage of the latest technology in the printing industry by making the one item on your back-to-school list a 3D printer and then print the rest!

Start with basic items: Begin by printing erasers or even a unique pencil holder.

Then get creative: How about a mechanical pencil? Obviously, the engineering behind the design is much more involved, but it is an amazing idea to image.

Add a few miscellaneous items: Back-to-school shopping isn’t just about school supplies. You need shoes, accessories, and even fun toys!

3D printing is changing back-to-school shopping forever. Skip the store entirely and print your supplies from the convenience of your home.

Copier Supply Store wants to encourage the success of 3D printers and does so by providing all of your 3D printing part needs; from filament parts and kits for efficient productivity.

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