Replacing Your Toner Cartridge

When replacing your toner cartridge, there are a few things you need to look for, and a proper way to do it. Here are a few tips, and a little instruction on replacing your toner cartridge for most model copiers.

• Is it necessary to replace your toner yet? The copier will tell you when you need to replace your toner cartridge. If it doesn’t say to replace it, it’s not time yet. Only replace toner when the machine tells you to, or you’re going to spend that you don’t need to spend. A lot of toner cartridges can be recycled, so check and see if the kind you use can be recycled. A lot of places have programs that take your empty toner cartridges; Staples is one. There are even places that buy your empty toner cartridges, if you want to go that route. Check online for a place near you to recycle them or sell them.

• Make sure you properly handle your toner cartridge. Don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Make sure that you don’t scratch the surface of the drum when you’re replacing the cartridge. It’s best not to touch the drum at all, or you’ll start to get poor printing results and have to replace that, as well.

• Gently dislodge the cartridge for removal. When you’re pulling out the old toner cartridge and removing it, don’t do it forcefully. Pull it out gently, and don’t risk breaking something on your expensive machine. If it doesn’t come out when you gently pull, you’re doing something wrong.

• Make sure that when you take a new toner cartridge out of the box, you shake it gently. Not roughly, or you’ll end up with toner all over you, and that’s not a pretty sight.

• If you do get toner on your person or your clothing, here’s what to do: Do not rub! Take off the clothing immediately, and wash them with cold water. Don’t use hot or warm, because it will soften the toner and cause it to stick to the clothing permanently. Your normal body temperature is warm enough to fuse the toner to the clothing, so taking it off quickly is a must. If it’s on your skin, wash your hands with cold water, or use an abrasive hand cleaner. If it does fuse to your hand or other parts of your skin, don’t worry: It will wear off in time.

• If there is protective tape or packaging, make sure you remove it. You won’t get any printing results with the tape on there.

• Insert the toner, gently. Make sure it’s in there securely, but again, don’t force anything. If you have to force it, something is wrong.

• Close up your machine, because it’s ready to use.

• Print a test page to make sure that everything is working correctly.

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