Copier and Printer Supplies – Some Things You Should Know

You’ve got a message on your machine, and it’s telling you to replace something. Only…you’re not really sure what that something is. Here are some terms to make you more familiar with what goes where, and what you should do when your machine says you need one.

What is a fuser unit?
A fuser unit is a pair of heated rollers within the printer that fuses the toner onto the paper being printed on. Sometimes it needs to be replaced because of the constant wear it gets during printing. Also, particles from the toner and dust can attach to it. Ever seen those lines on papers coming out of your copier or printer? That’s because the fuser unit has been scratched from that same toner and dust. Fuser units can be bought separately, but for some printers they are included in the printer maintenance kit.

So what’s a printer maintenance kit?
Printer maintenance kits contain the spare parts that wear down easily within your printer and are used to rebuild, maintain and repair printers. With use, a lot of the parts inside the printer wear down and don’t work as well. A maintenance kit will make your printer like new again.

What’s a drums unit?
Laser printers and copiers have a drum in them to help with printing, and they have a static electricity charge. Just before the paper goes under the drum, it is given an opposite charge to the toner charge. This causes the paper to attract the toner from the drum, and transfers the letters from the drum to the paper. The drum unit is an important part of the copier or printer, and needs to be replaced periodically.

What’s toner?
Toner is a powder made of a combination of pigment and plastic, and comes in a plastic cartridge that is made specifically for your machine. It is part of the printing process, and without it, your machine won’t print.

What is developer?
In a copier or laser printer, developer is used in combination with toner to print. Just like toner, it runs out and needs to be replaced. Without it, your copier or printer won’t print.

What is an imaging unit?
In a copier, underneath the glass tray is a flat belt or round drum called a photoreceptor or imaging unit. In a laser printer, it is often combined with the toner supply bin, and the waste toner hopper. It needs to be replaced periodically.

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