Save Money On Office Supplies

There are many ways to save money on office supplies, and we’ve given you a few of them here. If you follow these money saving tips, your office budget is sure to go down.

  1. Order your supplies online- Many office supply retailers provide cheaper prices than brick and mortar stores. Shop around, and check for a low price guarantee. If they have one, they will match the price of any lower priced product that you find elsewhere. That saves you money. So look at those sale prices, and shop around.
  2. Check for free shipping – Many websites offer free shipping on larger orders. It’s worth your while to take the time to ask or to check their website for their shipping policy. Free is good.
  3. Use coupons when ordering – Always check to see if a retailer has coupons available that you can take off your purchase when you place your order. These can offer you big savings, especially if you have a big order.
  4. Buy in bulk, and save even more – many online retailers offer deep discounts on large orders. Check to see what the savings are if you buy in bulk, but make sure you have someplace to store that large order when it comes. You don’t want to cramp your office space with too many supplies.
  5. Sign up to receive their newsletter or subscribe to their blog’s RSS feed- Look on their website or blog and join their newsletter or subscribe to their RSS feed to get advance notice of any sales. Like most stores, either online or brick and mortar, many office supply places want you to have the details about benefits and discounts. Go ahead and sign up to get monthly specials and coupons delivered to your inbox, where you can peruse them at your leisure.
  6. Consider an auto ship program to make sure you have the toner you need each month –Auto ship charges your credit card on the day you specify and sends your toner out that same day. This saves you time and money. If you have plenty of toner on hand, there will be no last minute scramble to get more, and no paying high prices because you need it right now. Being prepared is always a money saver.
  7. Keep your copiers and printers in good working order and find a good source for copier and printer supplies – The dreaded error message has come up on one of your machines:  You need a new imaging unit, or a fuser unit, or a drum unit…you get the picture. Your machine needs to work now, so that you keep the office rolling and productive. Keeping someone on file who has all these things available for order is like money in the bank. The less time your machine is down, the more money you save. And if you need developer or maintenance kits, those are at your fingertips with this kind of retailer, as well.
  8. Go generic- Instead of genuine or OEM toner, buy generic. That’s just toner that has been made by an aftermarket company, and it can save you money. If you use a lot of toner each month, you can save a great deal of money.  Those savings add up, and you can lower your office budget dramatically.
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