4 Silly Printing Mistakes

The two phrases “everyone makes mistakes” and “no one is perfect” have been said time and time again. No matter who you are, you cannot do everything right all of the time, and yet we still find ourselves frustrated when mistakes happen. It is understandable to get irritated when you find yourself making little, but obvious mistakes. The first thing to do is relax! You are not the first person to make that printing mistake and you are definitely not going to be the last. Copier Supply Store, the leaders in supplying copier, printer, and 3D printer parts and supplies, have put together 4 silly printing mistakes in hopes to help you save more than just money, but also time.

  1. Loading a large batch of papers incorrectly- If your printing job requires you to print on special paper or needs a certain format, then loading the printer needs to be done properly. Make sure you do a few sample prints just to make sure that the information is being printed in the correct format.
  2. Misspelling Words- Even the best auto-correctors make mistakes and errors slip by. Be sure to go through your writing a few times, or have a fresh pair of eyes proofread your work before you send it to the printer.
  3. Sending your work to the wrong printer- We have all been there, even some of the printing experts at Copier Supply Store. You go to click ‘print’ and expect your printer to start up, but nothing happens. So you click print again and still nothing. Meanwhile, down the hall your work is being printed 2-3 times. Make sure to double check the name of the printer before you send your work.
  4. Pushing the ink cartridge or toner bottle too far- Unless you are buying from Copier Supply Store, toner and ink can get very pricey, which makes it understandable that you push them to their limits. If you don’t pay attention and print a large print job, then you could have only a portion of your work turn out correctly and the rest needs to be scrapped. Eliminate the issue of having to salvage the very last drop of your colored ink by purchasing discounted ink cartridges from an online discount printer store like Copier Supply Store.
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